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Mario Negri
Institute for Pharmacological Research

The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

via La Masa 19, 20156 Milano, Italy.
Tel. +39/02/39014.1. Fax. +39/02/3546277
web: www.marionegri.it
Laboratory of Receptor Pharmacology,
Department of molecular biochemistry and pharmacology

The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research was established as a non-profit foundation in 1963. Mario Negri, a far-sighted philantropist with interests in several industrial activities, specified in his will that Silvio Garattini, M.D., then a young professor of chemotherapy and pharmacology at the University of Milan and leader of a small research group, was to establish an institute of pharmacology for research and education in biomedicine. Now, over thirty years later, besides the original institute in Milan there are research centers in Bergamo (Laboratori Negri Bergamo); Ranica, BG (Centro di ricerche cliniche per le malattie rare Aldo e Cele Daccò) and S. Maria Imbaro, CH (Consorzio Mario Negri Sud). Research spans from molecular biology to biochemistry, analytical chemistry and pharmacology to large controlled clinical trials, conducted in cooperation with clinical centers in Italy and abroad. The 22 initial founders have grown to a staff of over 850, half of whom are university graduates. About 2000 young people have received research training at different levels and over 600 foreign scientists have worked on different projects at the Institute. Over 9000 scientific papers, published in international journals, have reported experimental and clinical studies in the field of cancer, immunology, cardiovascular and renal diseases, neuropharmacology, mental illness, age-related disorders, rare diseases, toxicology and environmental chemistry. The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research is involved in the Natsyndrugs Centre for the basic characterization of the in vitro and vivo pharmacology of new compounds, as well as for their pharmacokinetic features, and for the training of young scientists in the field of pharmacological research.


Prof. Silvio, Garattini
Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Gianluigi, Forloni
Headquarters: via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 Siena ITALY
tel. +39 0577.234172 - +39 0577.234297 - fax. +39 0577.234333 - e-mail:info@natsyndrugs.com