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Interuniversity Research Centre on Bioactive Peptides

C.I.R.Pe.B. -Interuniversity Research Centre on Bioactive Peptides

via Mezzocannone,16 80134 - Napoli (ITALY)
FAX: +39 081 5514305 e-mail: cirpeb@unina.it
Web: www.cirpeb.unina.it

Interuniversity Research Centre on Bioactive Peptides (C.I.R.PE.B.) is constituted by scientists belonging to different groups of various scientific disciplines such as biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, zoology, agricultural sciences, gastroenterology, dermatology, paediatrics. Their common interest is the research in the field of biologically active peptides, by the use of many different techniques and methodologies. In particular, researchers in the field of chemistry have an high expertise in the field of design, solid, solution phase synthesis and purification of polypeptides, peptides and modified peptides. Moreover, CIRPEB scientists have a top-level expertise in peptides and protein structural determination by the way of X-Ray diffraction and Circular Dicroism, UV-vis and multidimensional NMR.


Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Carlo, Pedone
Headquarters: via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 Siena ITALY
tel. +39 0577.234172 - +39 0577.234297 - fax. +39 0577.234333 - e-mail:info@natsyndrugs.com