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Molecular Genetics Institute
CNR -Pavia

Molecular Genetics Institute

Via Abbiategrasso,207 - Pavia
tel. 0039-0382-5461 - fax. 0039-0382-422286
web: www.igbe.pv.cnr.it

Molecular Genetics Institute (IGM) belongs to the network of research Institutes of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). The Molecular Genetics Istitute is dedicated mainly to basic research in molecular genetics and biotechnology and main research themes are: – Molecular-genetic analysis of gene expression control in human cells and under pathological conditions (cancer, genetic diseases, aging and viral infections). – Identification of genes associated to hereditary diseases. Genetic and functional analysis of pathological mutations. – Development of molecules with antiproliferative and antiviral activity. – Genetic structure and evolution of human populations. Bioinformatics. – New methods for analytical cytology, application to diagnostics and cell differentiation The Institute is structured in five Sections: 1) Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Nucleus 2) Human Genetics & Genomics 3) DNA Enzymology & Molecular Virology (HIV, HCV) 4) Evolutionary Genetics 5) Histochemistry & Cytometry The Sections are responsible for the institutional research projects as well as for projects financed by a variety of external granting sources such as the Target Projects of the CNR (e.g., Oncology, Genetic Engineering, Mutagenesis, Infectious Diseases, Aging, Biotechnology, Human Genome), the Italian Ministry of Health, the European Union, and private foundations like AIRC and Telethon. Overall, IGM is presently engaged in over thirty distinct research projects . Due to its considerable size and tradition, the Institute plays an important role at the national level in promoting new lines of research in basic genetics and molecular biology and in the most recent biotechnological applications. In the past ten years the Institute has also established active collaborations with several companies for the development of new biotechnology products. IGM has a total CNR staff of 43 (29 researchers); in addition, about 50 young fellows are regularly guested under different training programs.


Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Giovanni, Maga
Headquarters: via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 Siena ITALY
tel. +39 0577.234172 - +39 0577.234297 - fax. +39 0577.234333 - e-mail:info@natsyndrugs.com