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Istitute of Molecolar Science and Technology - CNR Milan

Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies

c/o Dipartimento di Chimica Fisica ed Elettrochimica dell'Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Camillo Golgi, 19 20133 Milano
web: www.istm.cnr.it/

The Institute Molecular Science and Technologies (ISTM) was established on September 2000 by the National Research Council (CNR) by merging seven Research Centres. The ISTM is located in Milano, and has two branches in Padova and Perugia. The mission of the ISTM is to develop permanent research activities in the following fields: - Theoretical and Experimental Modeling of Molecular and Nanostructured Systems. - Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Precursors and Functional Molecules. - Development and application of new technologies to chemistry, material science, informatics, telecommunications, and safeguard of cultural heritage. In particular ISTM-Milano has an extensive expertise in the field of organic chemistry, and in particular in natural product chemistry, and of instrumental analysis, i.e. spectroscopy (NMR, EPR, CD, fluorescence), X- Ray and Mass Spectrometry. The ISTM – Milano research programmes are mainly focused on the synthesis of natural antimalarial drugs, on the development of new biologically active glycomimetics and on the synthesis of inhibitors of integrine, and of drugs interfering with cell adhesion.


Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Diego, Monti
Headquarters: via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 Siena ITALY
tel. +39 0577.234172 - +39 0577.234297 - fax. +39 0577.234333 - e-mail:info@natsyndrugs.com