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Prof. Giuseppe Campiani

Curriculum vitae:

Giuseppe Campiani is actually full professor of medicinal chemistry at Siena University and since 2013 he is the coordinator of the course of Pharmacy.

In 1989 he got his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Siena University and from1990 to 1998 he worked as researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Siena University, in the field of medicinal chemistry. In the period 1992-1996 he was post doctoral fellow and visiting scientist at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville FL and at Columbia University in the City of New York collaborating with Prof. Alan P. Kozikowski and Koji Nakanishi at the Department of Organic Chemistry, respectively. During this period he was engaged in the synthesis of natural products. From 1998 to 2001 he was associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Salerno University. In the period of 2000-2001 Prof. Campiani was Visiting Professor at the Department of Biochemistry of Trinity College in Dublin. Since 2002 he is full professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy at Siena University. During its professional career, Prof. Campiani leaded more than 50 PhD students and post-docs. The teaching and training of students as tomorrow’s scientists is a very important part of Prof. Campiani academic endeavor and motivating student to their work is a gratifying task in the overall research activities. undergraduate students, PhD students and post-docs, each with their different level of background and experience in chemical synthesis and drug design contributed to the successful development of novel potential drugs against a number of biological targets and diseases with tremendous motivation and determination. Most of them continued their career in the field of drug discovery and development, both in academia or in pharma industry. Prof. Campiani is one of the founder of NatSynDrugs and he is the director since 2003.

2003-2008: Italian representative in the management Committee of EU-COST Actions

2006-2009: Partner of the school of excellence of doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences and is a member of the European graduate school of malaria within the EU FP6 ANTIMAL IP Marie Curie action, based in Heidelberg (EMBL) and coordinated by Steve Ward (LSTM)

2008-2012: Head of Dipartimento Farmaco Chimico Tecnologico (DFCT)

2009-2012: Partner of the intermaltraining Marie Curie 215281-1, intervention strategies against malaria, place at EMBL and coordinated by Mike Blackman (NIMR)

2010-2016: Co-founder of CIRM – Italian Malaria Network

2011-2016: Co-Founder SIENA AGRIFOOD for food security and sustainable agricolture

2011-to date: Rector's Delegate for International Cooperation and Development

2014-2016: Mediterranean Hub of United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network – University of Siena -Management on behalf of Chair-

2015-to date: National coordinator at CRUI

2016-to date: Member of EU-COST actions CM1406

2016-2020: Research coordinator project TRACT Marie Curie 721906 h2020

His research group at Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Chimica e Farmacia is composed by more than 15 people (PhD students and post-docs) and 3 permanent staff.

He is the scientific coordinator of several research projects granted by the Italian Ministry of University, by Pharmaceutical Companies. In the past Giuseppe Campiani was nominated consultant at Sigma-Tau (2000-2008) and NeuroSearch DK (2002-2008) for CNS and malaria projects. His research activity consist of 180 publications in peer-reviewed international journals with a high IF (h index = 37), and 17 international patents.

Scientific interests:

Exploration of chemistry and biology of naturally-occurring and synthetic organic molecules with therapeutic potential in neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, cancer, viral (HIV/HCV) and parasitic (malaria/leishmania) diseases is the main topic of prof. Campiani research activity. These interests include target selection and the rational design of innovative drugs, the discovery of new synthetic methodologies and general strategies for synthesis, bioinformatics and the study of important structure-function relationships.
Headquarters: via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 Siena ITALY
tel. +39 0577.234172 - +39 0577.234297 - fax. +39 0577.234333 - e-mail:info@natsyndrugs.com