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  • Cameroon: NatSynDrugs-University of Buea cooperation agreement just finalized

    • 01.06.2010


      NatSynDrugs, with its partners University of Siena (Department of Pharmaceutical and Applied Chemistry) and University of Napoli (Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali) and University of Milano (Dipartimento di Virologia, Microbiologia e Sanità Pubblica) finalized an agreement with the Department of Chemistry of the University of Buea in Cameroon aimed at promoting a collaborative research programme for the development of antiparasitic drugs from natural or synthetic sources. The programme will exploit the joint research resources of the parties by evaluating susceptibilities of malaria parasites, or other disease causing protozoans to local plants extracts, characterizing active principles in the extracts and synthesizing semisynthetic or synthetic analogues. The agreement will also facilitate staff exchange, research visits of senior scientists, and training of students, PhD students and postdocs. The scientific coordinators of the three parties are Prof. Giuseppe Campiani from the University of Siena, Proff. Orazio Taglialatela and Ernesto Fattorusso from the University of Napoli, and Dr. Simon Mbua Ngale Efange from University of Buea.

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