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  • Tanzania: Novel NatSynDrugs-NIMR collaborative research programme for the development of antimalarial and antiparasitic drugs

    • 01.06.2010

      Prof. Giuseppe Campiani, (NatSynDrugs-University of Siena, Department of Pharmaceutical and Applied Chemistry), Proff. Orazio Taglialatela and Ernesto Fattorusso (NatSynDrugs-University of Napoli, Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali) and Prof. Hamisi M. Malebo (National Institute for Medical Research-NIMR- Tanzania) are the scientific coordinators of a novel joint research agreement for the discovery of novel antimalarial drugs just established among the parties. Under the agreement, scientific collaborations will be established aimed at evaluating Tanzanian natural extracts from plant and marine organisms as source for novel drugs. The active principles will be characterized within the research agreement and optimization through synthetic derivatives will allow the discovery of novel lead compounds as antimalarials. The research programme will includes also exchange of staff members, and training of PhD students and post-docs.

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